Our Top Ten List of Bad Media Relations

Professional media relations assistance ensures your message reaches the proper audience and prepares you to deliver the message properly. We can analyze your communications abilities, including your ability to respond to a crisis, and train you in the correct response.


According to journalists, too many organizations .....

  1. Write long, boring press releases that don't stand a chance of being published.
  2. Send in dull and boring photographs which don't stand a chance of being printed.
  3. Send these boring press releases and dull photographs to the wrong people anyway - bad targeting.
  4. Send these boring press releases and photographs not only to the wrong people but also at the wrong time - normally after the deadline.
  5. Hold press conferences unnecessarily - 90% are a waste of time, money and effort.
  6. When they do hold potentially interesting press conferences, they do so in a long winded, badly organized and ill-timed fashion.
  7. When they have got something to say they do not, invariably, individually 'tailor' their PR approach.
  8. Rarely think up creative suggestions - or 'angles' - of the type that might titillate the interest of a journalist.
  9. Spell the editor's name incorrectly, or get it wrong altogether.
  10. Make these same mistakes time and time again.

If this is you, you need our help.